Tazzeka follows the story of a young Moroccan man named Elias who dreams of becoming a Parisian chef. Following years of trying to conform to his family’s expectations, Elias decides to pursue his dreams only to be faced with the harsh realities of being an undocumented immigrant in a modern society. Exquisitely filmed against the backdrops of the Moroccan mountains and the bustling streets of Paris by French director Jean-Philippe Gaud, Tazzeka carefully balances a story about following your deepest passions and the uncertainty of living in an immigrant community. As an addition to the Bates Film Festival, Tazzeka provides a unique, international-based perspective on equal justice with an important emphasis on immigrant rights and needs. Like a tender and ripe tenderloin steak, Tazzeka captures your attention from beginning to finish featuring sizzling and crisp direction and ages with a sense of completion, leaving audiences with a satisfying and polished aftertaste. (Written by Nicky Meyerson ‘20)