“Programming a Festival by and for the Community”

by Maddie Fagundo (BFF 2019; Bates Class of 2020) After attending the first Bates Film Festival in the Spring of 2018, I was overcome with curiosity about how such a successful festival came to life in just a single semester, with a handful of students, and one professor driving the production. Just a year later, I was one of the …

“What Does My Jury Vote Mean?”

by Julia Gutterman (BFF 2019; Bates Class of 2020) The second BFF added a new element that was not present at the festival’s inaugural run; awards. Including awards as a part of the festival in 2019 was very exciting and brought about a lot of conversation in class surrounding the meaning of our awards and how films were to be …

Coming Soon

The Bates Film Festival will be sharing final papers written by students in the Film Festival Studies class that took place at Bates College in Fall 2019. These will be shared throughout 2020 and 2021 as we lead up to another Bates Film Festival in November 2021.