Nefta Football Club

Nefta Football Club is a short comedy about the innocence of childhood. Set in the south of Tunisia, this film follows two young, soccer-obsessed brothers who encounter a wandering donkey alone in the middle of the desert on the border of their enemy country, Algeria. When the older brother discovers that the strange animal is carrying loads of white powder, what began as a simple ride through the dunes quickly shifts into a series of hysterically charming misunderstandings. With a thoughtful narrative and impressive performances, Nefta Football Club takes a conceivably troubling circumstance and animates it with humor, heart, and wide-eyed naiveté. Aligning with the BFF’s focus on equity and justice, and in conjunction with a panel on representing differences, our board has selected Nefta Football Club because of its commentary on border conflict between Northern African countries and its representation of cultural conflict and the daily lives of children in an impoverished area. (Written by Clemmy Callaway ‘20)