Alex Dauge-Roth

French and Francophone Studies

As a Professor of French and Francophone Studies, Alex’s scholarship and teaching investigate the social dynamics and polemical tensions between personal memory and collective trauma through testimonial literature, cinema, and documentaries.



Elizabeth Eames


Elizabeth Eames, Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology, focuses on gender studies, film, economic anthropology, and sub-Saharan Africa. Her research includes African immigrants in Maine, representations of Africa in film, and the effects of “development” on rural and urban communities.



Carolina González Valencia

Art and Visual Culture

Carolina Gonzalez Valencia is an Assistant Professor of Art and Visual Culture at Bates, where she teaches courses in Video Production, Animation, video art, and contemporary practices. She is an interdisciplinary artist and experimental filmmaker, her work exist in the intersection where personal, social, and political stories meet.  She weaves different media aiming to create new documents that challenge social and historical representations of migration, otherness, and labor.  She is originally from Colombia, and have been living in the US for half of her life, she describes it as not being here or there, a condition that influences her work tremendously.



Jakub Kazecki

German and Russian Studies

Jakub Kazecki, Professor of German and Russian Studies, specializes in social issues arising between West Germany and East Germany in the early ‘50s. He is an expert on 20th-century German and Polish literature, film, and visual arts and has been teaching at Bates for the past six years.


Stephanie Kelley-Romano


Professor Stephanie Kelley-Romano is the chair of the Bates College Rhetoric Department. Kelley-Romano specializes in rhetorical theory and criticism as well as alien abduction narratives and is a huge fan of Battlestar Galactica. Professor Kelley-Romano is currently teaching “Television Criticism” this semester and has published several works concerning a wide range of topics from conspiracy to gender and politics.



Mia Liu

Asian Studies

Mia Liu, assistant professor in Asian Studies, teaches a variety of courses on modern art and visual cultures. She has provided our festival with support and advice for film selections that reach a wide array of course subject matter.



Charles Nero


Professor Charles Nero specializes in Film, Literary and Cultural Studies and teaches a variety of courses that focus on 19th and 20th century African American Literature, American Film, and African American Film.



Paul Schofield


Paul Schofield, visiting assistant professor of philosophy, focuses his research on moral and political philosophy as well as the philosophy of film. He teaches a course entitled The Philosophy of Film.