Osher Map Library is a collection of modern and early-modern maps affiliated with the University of Southern Maine. The Museum is directed by Matthew Edney, Osher Professor in the History of Cartography.

David Rumsey’s personal historic map collection is digitally archived online. the physical collection is stored at Stanford University.

Gallica is the digital collection for the French National Library, which is comparable to the United States’ Library of Congress.

History of Cartography is a multi-volume publication available online from the University of Chicago Press.

Useful lessons on using and downloading GIS and employing it in a historical capacity.

Cadasta is a non-profit organization devoted documenting property rights and educating people therein for indigenous and rural communities world-wide.

Missing Maps is a project affiliated to the American Red Cross that seeks to locate and map “vulnerable” communities for the purposes of increased catastrophe response efficiency and global aid.

Open Street Map is an alternative platform for crowdsourced geocoding.

Historypin is an organization that aims to geographically tag historical photos across the world. It seeks to connect communities and historical moments by tagging historic photos onto street-view enabled google maps.

Photogrammar is a Yale-affiliated digital archive of historic photos taken during a New Deal-era documentation project. It pins the photos to geographic location at the county level across the country using an interactive map.

QGIS is an open source Geographic Information System software.